"Bierstadt Torgau"
It was called ...
and more than 37000 hectoliters of beer were sold precious Torgau in 1600
far beyond the city limits. The brewing tradition in Torgau is almost 800 years old
and was the first records of the mid-12th Century in the first Torgau town orders.
Current city regulations, which govern the rights of the "Torgau brewing heir", have
been destroyed in the numerous fires that have not even spared the medieval Torgau.
First preserved written reference Torgauer brewing tradition is the presentation of "the right of coercion" by Margrave Friedrich von Wettin to the ruling elite of councilors or "consuls" 1343rd.
Martin Luther and many other "drinking joyous Bürgersleut" were lovers fresh Torgau beer that was transported was still horse-drawn carriage and wagon in many German cities. The great reformer confirmed in his letters and table talk: "Cerevisiana torgana quam Libenter velle vinum eat." (Latin, Torgau beer is much better than wine.)

The most important customers were good Torgauers Leipzig, Halle, Wittenberg, Weimar, Erfurt, Berlin, Frankfurt / Oder, Dresden, Bautzen, Goslar, Wolfenbüttel, Nuremberg, Augsburg, and even the Dutch foreign trade port of Antwerp. The perfect brewer judged even in 1784: It has to the right art of beer in each place where it is brewed, are erlernet. For a country and any Refir (area), so every town or village has its property.

It can not be anywhere good Zerbst, Bergisch Frey, Trogisch (enjoyed here) brew beer, when you can fetch the same hops, Getraid, water and beer Bräuer from the same places. "

In Torgau, there were once 250 brewing rights - and today the tradition of brewing in Torgau alive than ever. With our new Torgauer Premium Pilsner we continue the unique tradition Torgau. Enjoy the fresh taste of our feinhopfigen Torgauer Premium Pilsner. Torgau "fresh experience".
Memorandum of the German brewers
First Beer is a food product that promises healthy vitality.

Second German brewers oppose any attempt to put their products
in the nearby illegal substances or restrict the marketing freedom
Third German brewers recognize that in certain situations no alcohol should be consumed, such as in traffic at dangerous inclined work, during pregnancy and lactation, in children and adolescents, and in connection with the use of medication. German brewers challenge and support well-founded explanation for this specific waiver of alcohol consumption in certain situations.
4th German brewers prevent, through good design of their advertising that representations or statements in the commercial communication for their products as an invitation to abuse or harmful consumption of beer or a speech of children and adolescents can be misunderstood.

5th German brewers support compliance with the legally specified age limits for consumption or distribution of alcoholic beverages to children and adolescents.
6th German brewers expressly to continue active cooperation on regional, national and European level prepared with policies, institutions, health promotion and other more, to combine activities and strengthen new initiatives.

German brewers
June 2005

Source: www.brauer-bund.de
(Here you can also find additional information and background on the memorandum)